Conservation education is important to teach to people of all ages to appreciate natural resources and learn to conserve those resources for future generations. Through this education of conservation, people develop the skills needed to understand the complexities of natural resource problems.

We are dedicated to conserving the natural resources of Noble County by educating and providing technical services to land users for future generations. We do presentations and workshops for schools and organizations on agriculture, forestry and wildlife upon request. Some workshops include:

  • Hunter Education Courses
  • Trapper Education Courses
  • Timber Workshops
  • Pasture and Grazing Meetings
  • Nuisance Wildlife Workshops
  • Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Workshops  


Noble Soil & Water Scholarship Fund

2024 Scholarship Information



Stewardship Week: April 28th – May 5th

Stewardship Week is officially celebrated from the last Sunday in April to the first Sunday in May. It is one of the world’s largest conservation-related observances. Each year Noble SWCD provides conservation and stewardship field days, programs, workshops and additional outreach efforts throughout their community to educate citizens about the need to care for our resources. In 2024 Stewardship Week is from April 28th to May 5st and the theme will be       “May The Forest Be With You, Always”.

Ag School Days: May 7th and 8th 2024

Ag School Days is an agriculture-related educational field trip, each year, for third grade students in Noble and Guernsey County Elementary schools. Students are escorted through a series of agricultural and environmental related stations that involve: Animal Science, Nutrition, Research and Reproduction. They also visit stations exploring Forestry, Water Quality and Monitoring, Wildlife Adaptations, Electrical Safety, Weather Jeopardy and Fishing. Students gain a new understanding and respect for our natural surroundings through hands on experiences, and education.

Environmental Day Camp: Middle of July

This camp is held every summer for kids ages 9-12 and is a two day camp held at Caldwell Lake. Last year campers took home their own string art picture and enjoyed time spent canoeing, fishing and practicing with bows and air riffles. To learn more about our next Environmental Day Camp, or to get more information about registering your camper, please call our office.


Noble County Fair Educational Display: August 26th – September 1st

Each year at the end of August, Noble SWCD has a display and information building during the Noble County Fair to provide conservation information. Displays and educational material showcase the resources available to the public. Noble SWCD staff are also on hand to answer any questions. In 2018 the SWCD showcased a display focusing on the work done by the District Supervisors and Staff  of the Noble Soil and Water Conservation District, in the past year. The display also showcased upcoming events such: as Board of Supervisors election, Air and ATV Tours and the District’s Annual Meeting. For the fourth year in row we also had our “Live” Monarch Butterfly Display that people could stop in and view the caterpillars foraging on milkweed and developing into chrysalis, and even witness them hatching into adult butterfly’s.