2022 Environmental Day Camp Information and Registration

Noble Soil and Water Conservation District is preparing to have its annual Environmental Day Camp for kids aged 9 -12, on July 12th and 13th, at the Caldwell Lake Pavilion. This year, Environmental Day camp will be focused on wildlife stewardship and conservation. Several activities will center on how campers can take an active role in wildlife and how they can participate, whether it’s through archery, beekeeping, or another one of the exciting activities Noble SWCD Staff is planning.

On the first day of Environmental Day Camp, campers will test their archery skills, under the supervision of a certified instructor, they will also learn some exciting wildlife identification information, and take their turn at trying to identify various wildlife furs. Campers will also watch a demonstration by the Salt Fork Fish Management Team on fish species identification and more. Campers can expect to learn about some of the native and migratory birds found here in Southeastern Ohio, and will get to build their own bird feeder.

On the second day of Camp, kids will get to test their skills on the water, with a morning of fishing, and canoeing on Caldwell Lake with the help of a certified safety instructor. They will also show their skills on land as they practice with air guns, under the guidance of a certified instructor, and with all the appropriate safety equipment.

The cost of Environmental Day Camp is $30 per camper, this covers lunch for both days, a camp tee shirt and other craft supplies and take home activities. The first day of camp, the kids will have pizza, chips, cookies, and watermelon, and a drink. Lunch on day 2 is: hot dogs, chips, cookie, and a drink.

The camp is limited to the first 30 kids ages 9-12.  We only have enough craft supplies and tee shirts for the first 30 kids. In order to insure your child’s spot make sure you register early!  Registration deadline is June 17th 2022 at 4:30 pm.  If you have any questions you can call us at the Noble SWCD @ 740-732-4318.


Environmental Day Camp Registration Form

Name of Camper(s) _____________________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________________ Daytime phone____________

Shirt size(s)_____________________ Camp Fee: $30.00 /child X ___=Total___________

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE AND MAIL TO:  NOBLE SWCD 46049 Marietta Rd Suite 5, Caldwell, OH 43724